ColourCut Hiustenleikkuri


Colour Coded Clipping

This 16 piece kit includes 8 colour guide combs - for easy comb selection. Gone are the days of spending time finding the right length amongst an assortment of almost identical black combs. If you always opt for a certain grade or length, then all you have to do is simply remember your colour for next time!

Stainless steel blades

This superior quality hair clipper delivers an outstanding cutting performance every time with advanced, self-sharpening steel blades. And for convenient cleaning, the blade system is easily removable to help wash away any dirt and hair clippings so it’s always ready for the next cut.


  • Ruostumattomat terästerät
  • Itseteroittuvat terät
  • 9 värikoodattua kampaosaa (1,5 - 25 mm)
  • Säätövipu (0,5 - 2 mm)
  • Verkkokäyttöinen
  • Puhdistusharja
  • Niskaharja
  • Sakset
  • Kampa
  • 3 vuoden takuu

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