RECHARGE Male Compact Cleansing Brush


Soften stubble

The RECHARGE compact cleansing brush is perfect for those sporting the stubble look and an essential preparation to your shaving routine. Softening stubble and cleansing underneath the skin, in-growing hairs and skin irritation will be a thing of the past and softer stubble the future!

Charcoal infused brush

Thanks to the dual-action rotating and vibrating charcoal infused cleansing brush, you’ll remove dirt and dull skin in places previously thought safe. Let this compact face brush do your work for you, revitalise and refresh without the hassle.


  • Red LED Indicator – flashes when battery low
  • 2 speed settings
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • No charge stand - ideal for travel
  • 30 Minutes cordless use from one charge
  • 1 Minute timer with 3 x 20 Second Pulses
  • Showerproof & washable - ideal for use in the shower with grip
  • Dual action technology - rotating and vibrating
  • Charcoal brush head, removes impurities and energises the skin
  • Advanced cleansing, softer skin, smoother shave
*Vs. Manual cleansing.

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